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"Knowledge is information that changes something or somebody -- either by becoming grounds for actions, or by making an individual (or an institution) capable of different or more effective action." - Peter F. Drucker in The New Realities

An Introduction to Building & Construction Resource Center

The labor and management representatives of the Building and Construction Industry have formed an alliance to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse, Building & Construction Resource Center, Inc. (BCRC). BCRC is a non-for-profit corporation which offers a wide range of services to its participants in the unionized construction industry; which includes contractors, labor union organizations and construction industry and related workers. It is our purpose to provide a vehicle to help establish and maintain a workplace free of the destructive effects caused by the use of drugs and alcohol.

BCRC's activities are not, in any way, intended to interfere with normal practices of the unions and management. We recognize our responsibility to communicate and educate our participants relative to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol in our society and workplace.

In this section of our web site we have provided general information which comprises the nucleus of what BCRC is all about.

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