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Our Mission
Why Drug Test?
Why Start a Durg Program?

BCRC is a labor/management administrator of testing programs created specifically for the multi-employer, multi-union construction industry in 1992.

BCRC's Uniform Drug Testing Approach Addresses:
  • Mobile workforce issue
  • BCRC's Uniform Drug Testing Approach Eliminates:
  • Varying drug test standards & procedures
  • Employers duplicating efforts
  • Unnecessary test expenditures
  • Unnecessary time off work
  • BCRC's Central Administration of Testing Maintains:
  • Employee confidentiality
  • Coordinates all facets (test selection, notification, test sites, lab, MRO and results) of testing programs
  • BCRC's Comprehensive Approach Includes:
  • A broad spectrum employee assistance program
  • Supervisory/Union leader training & employee education

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