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Why Start a Drug Program?
Why Drug Test?

When starting anything new, most will weigh the pros and cons during the decision making process. When the decision is whether to drug test or not, the contest is lopsided. Here are just a few factors that reinforce this statement:

Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace
  • 73% of illicit drug users are employed (8.3 million)
  • 52% of employees who test positive for drugs are daily users
  • 15% of any given workforce has substance abuse users
  • Alcohol abuse costs employers over $130 billion in lost productivity and over $91 billion in on-the-job accidents
  • Workers with alcohol problems create 8 times more medical costs
  • Illegal drug using employees are 5 times as likely to file a workers compensation claim
  • A drug user is late to work 3 times as often and absent over 2 times as often
  • 1/3 of employees injured on the job used marijuana within a few hours prior to the accident; 17% had been using marijuana and alcohol prior to the accident
  • Safety, Employability & Healthcare Costs
  • Regulatory - DFWP, DOT, NRC, FRA
  • Contractor/Employer Requirements
  • Health & Welfare Expenditures
  • Workers Health

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